Journey Through the Bible






Instructions: Complete the questions and bring answers to the next bible study. You may also pick up a copy of this at KBIM church location.


Read Romans Chapters 2, then answer questions on separate sheet




NAME: _________________________________






  1. What would the righteous judgement of God be?


  1. Is God is not a respecter of persons?


  1. Therefore thou are __, O man, __ thou art that judgest: for wherein thou ___ another, thou ___ thyself for thou that ___ doest the same ___,


  1. For not the ___ of the law are ____ before ___, but the ___ of the law shall be ___.


  1. What subjects are discussed in the second chapter of Romans?


  1. What did the Apostle say about those who judge others?


  1. What is the first principle of God’s judgment?


  1. How does God’s goodness react in our daily life?


  1. How does the impenitent heart accumulate guilt?


10.How will God reward each one?


11.To whom are granted the gift of eternal life?


12.What is the fearful visitation upon the impenitent?


13.To whom shall such tribulation and anguish come?


14.Is any class excluded?


15.Is the hearing of the law an advantage?


16.Who shall be justified?


17.How far-reaching is the judgment of God?


18.By what standard shall such judgment be made?







Your opinion: What does it mean to have a Spirit-circumcised heart?




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